Get the best when using Lync phone number

How to get the best out of Skype for Business/Lync phone system

CERN phone system provides several features that are useful but sometimes people are not aware they exist. Such features includes possibility to make phone calls from a computer (Windows/Mac), possibility to use a CERN fixed number on a mobile device (by installing Skype for Business application on a smartphone), possibility to make phone calls using CERN fixed number while being abroad etc.
This site will summarize benefits of using main features of CERN phone system.


Working in an office


We advise to use a softphone when possible. The softphone (Skype for Business/Lync application) is installed on all centrally managed Windows computers, and there is also a version on Mac (cf.
Buy a headset from CERN store and make/recieve phone calls on your computer. Phone calls are initiated by typying a number in the softphone application. In addition the feature "click to call" gives possibility to make make a phone call from a web browser (for examle directly from the page or from Outlook. Using a headset provides also the advantage of having both hands free during the phone call.

Your PC/Mac needs to be running to place the call. But when you are not reachable the phone calls are automatically redirected to voice mailbox, and moreover you receive notification in the Inbox about a missed call.

Lync IP Phones

Lync IP Phone can be also used. The advantage of having Lync IP Phone is that you can place calls also when your computer is not running.


When your phone number receives a phone call then all Skype for Business/Lync clients will ring (Lync on a computer, Lync IP Phone etc). If you are not reachable then people can leave you a voice message that will delivered to your CERN mailbox.


Skype for Business can also faciliate collaboration:

  • Share a computer desktop or an application (Windows/Mac) - cf. Share and present content
  • Set up quickly an audio or video conference with several people (up to 10 people) - cf. Start a conference call
  • Organize a conference/meeting from Outlook. People can join the conference by using a Skype for Business or by calling-in from a standard phone - cf. Setup a Skype for Business meeting from Outlook
  • See availability and contact people from other instittues/companies that are using Skype for Business - cf. Add en external contact in Skype for Business (if you can't see availability of another person then check with Service Desk if the trust relationship was established between CERN and the institute)


Mobility - working away from your office

If you are not in your office then you can use Skype for Business/Lync installed on your laptop. You will be able to receive and make phone calls away from your office on your CERN phone landline number. Also while being outside of CERN (business trip, home institute etc.)

You can easily configure forwarding or simultaneous ring (several numbers rings at the same time) from your CERN landline number to another CERN number (for example mobile). It might be useful for people who are often not in the office and still would like to receive phone calls on the CERN landline/fixed number.

You can install Skype for Business app on your smartphone (also private one) iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. Once you start the app you will be able to receive on your smartphone phone calls that were destined to your CERN landline/fixed number.


Shared offices

If a number must be shared by several people then it’s possible to activate a number on a service account and then include information about the registered person in At the same time if a person do have Windows/Mac or smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) then it might be useful to request its own phone number.


Use CERN landline number on your smartphone

There are two useful scenarios when using CERN landline number on Skype for Business/Lync. 

  1. Install Skype for Business application on your smartphone
    • Skype for Business on your smartphone will use WiFi network to receive/make phone calls to your CERN landline number
    • If there is no WiFi network then smartphone can use GSM DATA to make phone calls. In such case the quality of the voice might be impacted
    • Important: ensure that DATA on your GSM subscription is disabled when you are abroad (on romaing). The GSM DATA are very expensive on roaming
  2. Skype for Business/Lync allows you to easily define forwarding and simultaneous ring to any CERN number.
    • Forwarding: calls will be immediately forwaded to your CERN mobile number
    • Simultaneous ringing: calls will ring on your CERN landline number and in addition on your CERN mobile number

Advantages: Use your smartphone (also private one) to make/receive calls using CERN landline number when being outside of your office, abroad etc.