Getting Lync IP Phone

The CERN Lync IP Phones are only compatible with CERN's telephone system infrastructure and cannot be used as a plug&play IP telephony solution in other environments (eg. at home).

Note that if you have Windows or Mac operating system on your computer/laptop, then you can install Lync application and use it as a softphone (with a headset). In such situation you don't need to order a Lync IP Phone. At the same time Lync IP Phone is advised for people who prefer traditional devices over headsets.

To be able to install Lync IP phone your office must be equipped with:

  • A general purpose network outlet (Lync IP Phones cannot be connected to the technical network).
  • A power socket.


In case you don’t have a general purpose network outlet in your office, please contact your department secretariat to request the installation of a traditional phone.

Request for a CERN Lync IP Phone

Order "Polycom VVX 201" or "Polycom VVX 411" in CERN Store.