Start using Lync IP phone

Note: You can ask for an assistance to install/connect Lync IP Phone


This procedure explains steps to install, configure and login on Lync IP Phone. Lync IP Phones are recommended devices, at the same time it's also possible to make phone calls from Lync application on Windows/MAC and using Lync application on smartphones iPhone/Android/Windows phone (all this using your CERN landline number).

Following steps needs to be accomplished before you can login to Lync IP phone:

  • Your phone number is activated on Skype for Business service in Resources portal
  • Your Lync IP Phone was registered on the network. You can do the registration and check the list of registered IP phones on this page
  • Your Lync IP Phone was correctly connected to the network. The procedure can be found here


If there is a message saying "Can't connect to the network" then verify that Lync IP phone is registered and connected to the network (see points above). Double check that the LAN network cable is plugged into the first Ethernet port on the phone.


To login, choose "PIN Authentication" and enter the following:

  • ​Type your extension (last 5 digits of your fixed line number, for example 71111)
  • Type PIN, the one included on the welcoming email that you received when activated on Lync. You can also reset your PIN on this page.


Please check FAQ to find answers for the most common questions