Change settings using IP Phone device

Configuring the call forwarding from the Lync IP phones.

Click on the menu button (the button in the middle just below the screen), unlock the phone if it's locked, select "Call forwarding". Here you will see the following options:

  • Do not forward calls.
  • Forward to Voice Mail.
  • Forward to a contact or any phone number.
    Selecting this one, we will see our contact list so that we might select one of our colleagues or directly type the number we want the incoming calls to be transfered to.
  • Simultaneously ring a phone number.
    Enter the phone number where you want the incoming calls to ring at the same time that your Lync IP phone.

By selecting one of the previous options and then "OK" your forward settings will be saved.

Note: forwarding/simultaneous ring works only with CERN numbers (CERN fixed numbers and CERN mobile numbers).