Change settings using Lync on Mac

Lync gives the possibilities to easily configure voice settings like forwarding, simultenous ringing, redirecting a phone call to your voice mail etc. The forwarding settings can be configured only to CERN numbers (CERN fixed numbers or CERN mobile numbers).

In order to manage your incoming calls, we need to click on "Lync" which is on the upper left corner and "Preferences...". In the pop up window select the tab "", and you will see something similar to this:


As you can see, the forwarding option is off by default.
If we want to forward all the incoming calls to a specific number, all we have to do is to click on the "Forward my calls to" and then select/insert the number we want the calls to be redirected to. If we want, we can make this option be applied only during outside working hours.


What if we want that other person receives the phone call at the same time as we do. Like this, the call will be handle by the first that picks up the phone. In this case, we want to select "Simultaneously ring" and select/instert the number. As you will see in the following image, we can make this option only to be applied outside working hours. Also, we can tell Lync how to behave in case that the incoming call is unanswered.



Accesing your voice mail

Lync users by default are activated for voice mail on Exchange. It means that if somebody leaves a message then it is delivered as email to a mailbox.

More informaiton can be found on Voce Mail help pages.