Modification, move, deletion of an existing Lync phone number

  • Please select the option that concerns you in the following list:

Modification of access rights -> EDH Phone Request

Change owner and/or budget code -> EDH Phone Request

Move your device to a new office - > Network Database

Update information about your IP device (eg. new Mac Address) - > Network Database

Delete Lync number -> Network Database


Modification of access rights

To change your rights for the outside calls, you must fill the following EDH form:

When the document is fully authorized (validated by all signatories), the user of the line receives a confirmation email.


Change owner and/or budget code

To modify the name of the main user or the responsible of an IP line, and/or its budget code, please fill in this EDH Phone Request form.

  • Subscription Type -> Fixed telephone line modification
  • Responsible Person -> Enter the name of the new owner of the line

Note that the Main user of the Lync IP device in the Network Database will be automatically updated.

  • Budget code to use -> Enter the exceptionnal budget code or keep the default one. 

Move your device to a new office 

A Lync IP phone can be moved from one office to another with its owner (just as a computer).

For this, you just have to fill in a Move system request in the CERN Network Database :

Update information about your IP device (eg. new Mac Address)

To modify in the Network Database : 

  • the name of the responsible / main user of the device *
  • the name of the equipment  (telephone-6xxxx or telephone-7xxxx)
  • the type of device
  • the Mac adress

you just need to fill in the following form : Update Information

In the Network database, it is necessary to differentiate the user of an IP line and its responsible.

The user is the person who uses the phone every day and whose name appears in the CERN directory, while the responsible of the line is a person who usually does not use the device, but can manage it. It is recommended to appoint secretaries as responsibles of IP lines in order to simplify the line managment. 

Delete Lync number

When a person leaves CERN then the rights to call external numbers are removed after 6 days. The phone number is deleted together with the CERN account after 2 months.

If a person was using Lync IP Phone then you delete the device from Network Database:

  • Open Network Database portal:
  • Click on "Disconnet/Delete" and provide the name of the device.