Voice Mailbox

Voice mailbox is a system that replaces standard voice messaging system.

Voice messages are delivered direclty to CERN mailbox and can be accessed from any supported mail client.


How to register:


People that are activated on Lync Phone system and do have a mailbox at CERN are activated on Voice mailbox automatically.


To activate your number for voice mailbox the number must belong to you. On Resources portal (see instructions below) you will be able to choose your number and activate it on voice mailbox system 

  • On Resources portal click List Services
  • Click on Unified Messaging
  • Click "Activate"


Note: In case you are not eligible for voice mailbox then it means that the phone number is not asigned to you. To assign a phone number to yourself: create an EDH request (https://edh.cern.ch/Document/General/PhoneRequest) select "Fixed telephone line modification" and specify the phone number that you are using.


For further information please contact service-desk@cern.ch : 77777