Manage your Voice Mailbox

How to access it

Messages are accesible in your mailbox but it's also possible to call the system and it wil play the voice messages. 
To access the voice mailbox dial (+412276)71111. You will be prompted for PIN, please see below how to reset it if you don't remeber it.

Note: People activated on Lync Phone system can access voice mailbox from Lync client ("phone" tab) and from Lync IP Phone (press "1" key).

How to configure greetings

Dial (+412276)71111 and provide PIN. Press 6 to change personal options, we dial “2” to record your greeting, and:

  • Press 1 to record your personal greeting for when you are away
  • Press 2 to record your personal greeting

How to change your PIN code

You can change PIN code from "Resources" portal

  • Go to
  • List services 
  • If your number is activated on
    • Lync IP Phone service then click on "Lync IP Phone service"
    • Alcatel phone system then click on "Unified Messaging"
  • Go to Settings, specify the new PIN code