Space management

IT members of personnel and support staff attached to IT are concentrated in the buildings near the computer centre, i.e. buildings 28, 31, 513 and 600.


Due to the high turnover of project participants and reorganizations, the office space situation is critical, and it is very difficult to find suitable office space for new arrivals on short notice. Project managers are encouraged to make requests for space well in advance. The Departmental secretariat will put project managers in contact with the appropriate space manager for such requests.


The CERN administration now works fully with electronic document authorization procedures. Hence, there is no longer a need to maintain Departmental archives of  such recent or newly-created material.

However if there is old printed material which should be archived, IT does maintain dedicated space in building 513. Contact the IT Secretariat to add material to this archive.

For reasons of confidentiality, printed copies of certain material should be properly destroyed and disposed of when they no longer serve as copies for on-going work. Material of historical scientific interest will be taken care of by the CERN central archivist. Personnel concerned are encouraged to take the matter up with the appropriate service.

Particular attention must be paid to confidential documents which relate to personnel and contract matters. Under no circumstances can such documents be stowed away in the Departmental archive space. Too many people have access to these areas that the appropriate level of confidentiality can be assured (See Administrative Circulaire no 10). The personnel files are in the realm of the Human Resources Department. Contract documentation should be stored only in Finance Department.


The short effective life-time of informatics material leads to a high turnover of computers and accessory equipment. It is unlikely that obsolete equipment will be re-used in the Department any time in the future. Personnel who has such material is therefore encouraged to contact the CERN Recuperation Service in order to dispose of the material within the legal framework of the Organization. No Departmental space is available for intermediate storage of such material.


The following offices in IT buildings have been granted to contract staff working on IT contracts:

  • 31/2-004 – IT/CF (Tape Service – DCS)
  • 31/S-022 – IT/CS (Network FSU - Actemium)
  • 513/S-002 – IT/CF (Desktop Support – SERCO)
  • 513/S-003 – IT/CF (Desktop Support – SERCO)
  • 513/S-004 – IT/CF (Printer Support  – CANON)
  • 513/S-005 – IT/CF (Printer Support – CANON)
  • 513/S-014 – IT/CS (Network Firstline Storage – COMSA)
  • 513/S-015 – IT/CS (Network Firstline – COMSA)
  • 513/S-016 – IT/CS (Network Firstline – COMSA)
  • 513/S-018 – IT/CS (Network Firstline – COMSA)
  • 513/S-215 – IT/CS (Network Firstline – COMSA)
  • 513/S-024 – IT/CS (IT Ethernet Cabling – COMSA)
  • 513/S-026 – IT/CS (IT Ethernet Cabling – COMSA)
  • 513/S-028 – IT/CS (IT Ethernet Cabling – COMSA)
  • 513/R-030 – IT/CF (Operations Support – DCS)
  • 513/R-048 – IT/CS (Network Firstline – COMSA)
  • 600/R-008 – IT/CF (AV Support – SERCO)
  • 600/R-009 – IT/CF (SERCO)
  • 600/R-010 – IT/CF (Telecom Lab – SERCO)
  • 600/R-013 – IT/CF (SERCO)
  • 600/R-017 – IT/CF (IT First Line Support – SERCO)

The following office is allocated to be shared between our HRA and IPT contacts:

  • 31/R-013

The conference/meeting rooms under the responsibility of IT are:

  • 513/R-068, R-070 (openlab space), 1-024 and 1-021 (Data Centre Visit Point).
  • 31/S-010, S-023, S-027, S-028, 1-012, 2-029, 3-004 (IT Amphitheatre), 3-009 (IT Amphitheatre Coffee Area).
  • 600/R-001 and R-002.
  • 28/R-015

The laboratories under the responsibility of IT, with their current allocations, are:

  • 31/R-011 – IT/CS (Network Repair Lab)
  • 31/S-005 – IT/CS (Network Test Lab)
  • 31/S-009 – IT/CS (Network Test Lab)
  • 31/S-011 – IT/CS (Workshop)
  • 513/R-003 – IT/CF (Procurement)
  • 513/R-020 – IT/CF (Repair Service – DCS)
  • 513/R-023 – IT/CF (Repair Service – DCS)
  • 513/R-024  – IT/CF (Repair Service – DCS)
  • 513/R-027 – IT/CDA (Audio/Visual)
  • 513/S-007 – IT/CF (Vendors ­– Multiple)

The storage rooms under the responsibility of IT, with their current allocations, are:

  • 513/R-053 – IT/CF (Main Reception/Storage Area)
  • 513/S-402 – IT/DI (Archive)
  • 513/S-403 – IT/CF (Old servers – CF and CDA)
  • 513/S-405 – IT/CF (DC Operations)
  • 513/S-406 – IT/CS (IT Ethernet Cabling – COMSA)
  • 513/S-407 – IT/CS (Network Equipment)
  • 513/S-408 – IT/CS (Network Equipment)
  • 513/S-409 – IT/CS (Ethernet Cabling)
  • 513/S-420 – IT/CS (Network Equipment)
  • 513/S-421 – IT/CF (Printer Support – CANON)
  • 513/S-423 – IT (Shared space, Tape Storage and Engineering Tools)
  • 513/S-425 – IT/DI (IT Museum Item Storage)
  • 513/S-427 – IT/CS (Network Equipment)
  • 513/S-432 – IT/CF (IT Repair Service)
  • 773/R-001 - IT/CF (2nd Network Hub Storage Room)

The computer rooms under the responsibility of IT are:

  • 513/R-006 – IT/CS (Telecoms Room/Storage)
  • 513/R-012 – IT/CS (Telecoms Room)
  • 513/R-014 – IT/CS (Fibre Room)
  • 513/R-015 – IT/CS (GEANT PoP-1)
  • 513/R-018 – IT/CS (GEANT PoP-2)
  • 513/R-050 – IT/CF (Main Computer Room)
  • 513/R-060 – IT/CF (Critical Room)
  • 513/R-069 – IT/CF (Console Room – DCS)
  • 513/S-010 – IT/CS (Fibre room)
  • 513/S-034 – IT/CF (Vault)
  • 613/R-001 – IT/CF (Tape Backup)
  • 6045/R-401 – IT/CF (LHCb Container 1)
  • 6045/R-405 – IT/CF (LHCb Container 5)
  • 773/R-402 – IT/CS (2nd Network Hub Computer Room)
  • 6 Rooms in future 775 (PCC)
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