Facility Manager

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Maite Barroso Lopez
Resource Management

This role encompasses the 2 existing CERN roles of Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) and Departmental Space Manager (DSM).

The Departmental Safety Officer role is formalised in the GSI-SO-1 General Safety Instruction. The DSO assists IT Department Head in fulfilling the obligations in matters of Safety. This includes remaining informed regarding aspects of Safety withing IT, assessing the means necessary and proposing measures when appropriate, liaising with the departmental TSOs, improving the safety of the department and implementing CERN Safety Objectives, following up as necessary after incidents or accidents involving the IT personnel or taking place in IT buildings, representing the department in bodies in matter of Safety, e.g. the Departmental Safety Officer Committee (DSOC) and collaborating with the HSE Unit, the Medical Service, Fire and Rescue Service and other DSOs.

The DSM assists the IT Department Head to define and implement the space policy. This includes identifying and collecting the Department needs in terms of space (offices, meeting rooms, labs and storage rooms), keep a space plan, propose solutions, and fairly allocate the Department space in accordance with the regulations, maintain the space in appropriate condition, and represent the department in bodies in matter of space, e.g. as the IT representative at the CERN-wide Space Management Forum (SMF) and Mobility Working Groups.


Placed under the Resource Management Unit, the Facilities Manager:

  • Oversees IT building and ground maintenance
  • Follows regular facility inspections and makes recommendations for necessary enhancements
  • Liaises with the IT Department teams to understand capacity requirements
  • Ensures that facilities meet regulations and standards from the environmental health andsecurity point of view and in particular the IT managed Data Centres

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