Secretary to the Architecture Review Board

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Bob Jones

The IT department has several governance bodies to drive the execution of the IT strategy. For each governance body, the role of secretary is defined as a part-time assignment representing approximately 10%-20% of the person’s working time for a limited duration (typically one-year).
The secretary role is an opportunity for members of the personnel to learn more about how the department functions and engage with a broader set of people across multiple groups and activities.



The common set of tasks for the secretary of all governance bodies include:

  • Work closely with the chair to plan the meetings, agenda and participation
  • Draft the minutes of the meetings for approval by the chair and members
  • Maintain the action list resulting from decisions taken at the meetings
  • Engage with the members of the governance body and invited participants, circulate advanced notice of the meetings, expected contributions and outcomes

Additional tasks may be included depending on the specific governance body.

Current role holder(s)

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