IT Amphitheatre

The following details a set of instructions for use of the IT Amphitheatre. It should be stressed that the person organising the meeting is responsible for ensuring that these guidelines are respected.

  • No food and drink may be taken into the Amphitheatre.
  • When in the Amphitheatre please make sure that both doors remain closed as the heating/cooling system will not work properly if the doors are left open. 
  • The projector, screen, lights and blinds are automatically set when the "Presentation mode" is selected from the touch screen at the front of the Amphitheatre.
  • Please make sure that the system is shut down correctly before leaving using the appropriate button on the same touch screen. If you need help to do this please call 77777 for guidance.
  • Please make sure the mobile and roaming microphones are put back on charge before leaving.
  • Please use the bins provided to ensure there is no rubbish left in the amphitheatre when you leave.
  • Please switch off the lights and lock all doors before leaving.
  • If people wish to make telephone calls during the meeting, they should do so in the closed corridor next to the coffee area.
  • At the end of the meeting please ask the participants to avoid talking loudly when descending the stairs.
  • Please use the small red button to deactivate the magnets to release the doors of the coffee area. 
  • Please report any problems to the IT Secretariat.

For all rooms it should be ensured that projectors are properly switched off at the end of all meetings and that the doors are locked.