IT Department @ CERN OpenDays 2013

Welcome to the Information Technology Department!

As part of the CERN OpenDays, the IT Department literally opened the doors to its Data Centre so you could discover more about our role in discoveries and research at CERN and beyond.

We have compiled here all the material on display during the OpenDays, as well as some more information to help you further explore some of the things you may have seen.

The Itinerary

After the video, there were separate guided tours of the 2 main computing rooms - one in our immense hall of racks and servers, and the other down into the basement to walk through our data storage vault.

In addition to the main visit of the Data Centre, some demonstrations of our computing took place next to the Data Centre. There was an opportunity to find out more about Grid computing and talk to some of its experts.  Visitors could immerse themselves in our special Liquid Galaxy 'surround screen' and go on a Google Virtual Tour of the Data Centre.