JIRA Service

This service provides the central JIRA Issue Tracking Service (ITS) infrastructure supported by the IT Department.

The Central Issue Tracking Service (ITS) is based on JIRA. An issue tracking system (also ITS or bug-tracker) is a computer software package that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization. Issue tracking systems are used to create, update, and resolve reported bugs, tasks and requests within projects.

The service provides an hosted solution of the JIRA software, an Atlassian tool. It is integrated with common CERN Services (Single Sign On, eGroups, Service-now). The JIRA service allows projects to manage issues, track bugs and fixes for new versions etc.  (The service is not intended for user support services, for which we recommend the Service Now service management tool.)

The central instance is to host most of the projects at CERN. Any CERN account can request a project there, and will then be in charge of the project administration (roles, permissions, ...).

Jira schemes options

The central instance is administrated (workflows, notifications, plugins, custom issue types, fields, ...) by the ITS team.

The central JIRA instance is a general purpose instance, aimed to the general CERN user community. If you have specific needs like high customization, custom workflows, custom issue types, ...; this is outside the scope of the service.

Installed plugins on the central instance are :

  • GreenHopper
  • SVN / Git Plugin
  • Gant Chart Plugin
  • Service-now linker
  • eGroup mapper

Homepage of the service : https://its.cern.ch/jira

Supported Clients


The central Jira service is accessible from a web-browser (we recommend usage of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer).

Mobile applications and third-party apps are not guaranteed to work, as the integration with CERN SSO enforces some limitations on the login system.  

However, we've been reported correct behavior of the following apps :

  • Bugbox (for Android)
  • Bugsack (iPad)
User Responsibilities


The user commits to respect the CERN Computing rules.

A project leader, is responsible of the permissions schemes he uses, and the roles he distributes to his project. In particular, as anonymous access is possible even from outside CERN, the "Anyone" group in permissions schemes is only to be used if you wish that your project issues will be public.

On private instances, ITS team will not administer JIRA-related functionalities. That's to say, the user is responsible of each action he takes as an administrator (adding new plugins, new workflows, making his projects public, ...).