AFS Service

The AFS (Andrew File System) Service provides networked file storage for CERN users, in particular home directories, work spaces and project spaces.

The AFS Service is based on OpenAFS, an open-source distributed filesystem which provides a client-server architecture for location-independent, scalable, and secure file sharing.


CERN is currently reducing its dependencies on AFS and will eventually phase out this service completely. Please see for more details on the phaseout project.


Before submitting a problem please check the AFS FAQ.

If the FAQ does not help, please report your problem via the CERN Service Portal for AFS.

Supported Clients

Supported clients are those running a recent version of Scientific Linux CERN (SLC) with an up-to-date openAFS client as provided by the CERN Linux Support team.

AFS clients for other operating systems are available and functioning, but:

  • they are not included in testing of new versions of the operating systems supported by IT;
  • they are not officially supported in case of problems.
User Responsibilities

The user is responsible that their use of the AFS service complies with the
CERN computing rules (, in particular

Backups of all AFS data are taken daily and kept for 6 months. Any further data rentention or archival is not covered by the AFS service.