CERNBox Service

CERNBox provides cloud data storage to all CERN users. You can store your data, share it and synchronise it across devices - smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, the lot!

Register to CERNBox connecting to our website:

The data can be accessed from any Web browser or file explorer, and you decide which data you want to share with other individuals or groups of collaborators. Data can be synchronise to your devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOs and Android) with the CERNBox application.

You can, for example, keep your files on CERNBox and synchronise only the ones you use often, or you can synchronise part of the interesting data from your experiment on to your laptop for testing.

CERNBox also integrates with some applications to allow collaborative editing of interactive notebooks for Physics analysis, as well as other products.

Refer to the user guide at for more details.