Drupal Service

This service provides hosting infrastructure for building official web sites and web applications based on content management system (CMS) and Content Management framework (CMF) called Drupal.

Drupal is used on many user facing web sites around CERN such as

The Drupal activities at CERN are divided into two parts

  • The IT service which runs the servers, databases, backups and monitoring.  Problems with the infrastructure can be reported via the service desk.
  • The user community ENTICE which gets together web masters to discuss common requirements with creating content such as modules for CERN specific applications.  Questions can be asked to the community using the forums.


Supported Clients

For users, access to Drupal sites is avaialble through one of

  • Firefox (3.X +)
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (9+)

Other browsers which may work are

  • iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads
  • Android

For direct file manipulation, the client computer must support WebDav.  Instructions on how to configure the WebDav clients can be found in the how to section.

User Responsibilities

For the content manager (i.e. owner of the web site), the responsibilities are

  • Respond in a timely manner to service e-mails regarding their site
  • Raise any infrastructure issues through the service desk
  • Remove the site once it is no longer used
  • Maintain their locally installed modules up to date and address security messages when there are vulnerabilities. If these local modules become centrally managed, the site owner should arrange to migrate to the centrally managed version.
  • Test their preproduction web sites within the change window if they are using staged updates

It is also recommended that the content manager

  • Follow the ENTICE user community for content management (http://entice.web.cern.ch)
  • Subscribe to the it-dep-entice mailing list