EOS Service

EOS is a disk-based, low-latency storage service. Having a highly-scalable hierarchical namespace, and with data access possible by the XROOT protocol, it was initially used for physics data storage. Today, EOS provides storage for both physics and user use cases. Instances of EOS include EOSUSER, EOSPUBLIC, EOSATLAS, EOSCMS.

The main target area for the service is physics data analysis, which is characterised by many concurrent users, a significant fraction of random data access and a large file-open rate. 

For user authentication EOS supports Kerberos (for local access) and X.509 certificates for grid access. To ease experiment workflow integration SRM as well as gridftp access are provided. EOS further supports the XROOT third-party copy mechanism from/to other XROOT enabled storage services at CERN.

Supported Clients

Supported clients are those running a recent version of Scientific Linux CERN (SLC).Other operating-system clients might work but they are not officially supported and are not part of any release testing.

User Responsibilities

The users have to comply with the policy of the laboratory and of their experiment/projects especially for data security.

This service is not suitable for confidential data.