Connect to a Windows Terminal Server from a Mac

You can use a Remote Desktop Protocol client to connect to a Windows Terminal Server or a Windows PC with Remote Access enabled.

The recommended client software is Microsoft Remote Desktop client. You can find it on App Store, or following the dedicated icon on Mac Self-Service which will forward you to the appropriate App Store page.

CERNTS - the CERN Public Terminal Server Cluster

At CERN, the Remote Desktop Services provide a public Terminal Cluster called CERNTS.CERN.CH, where many standard applications are available. To connect, you need to specify the CERN credentials of your primary account - please remember to specify the domain "CERN".

If your credentials are rejected, please check that your account is registered for this service at

After you installed the Microsoft Remote Desktop client simply launch it.
​Click on the "New" icon on top left and fill in informations as on screenshot.

Storing your CERN password within the client configuration is NOT recommended.
​Let this fields empty and simply fill in the logon screen when displayed.

Once configured, simply double click on "CERNTS" entry and connect using your CERN credentials.