Recover your encrypted hard disk content with Filevault recovery key

​If you encrypted your hard drive using the Self-Service package, please open a ticket to Service-Desk to get the recovery key.

If you used the CERNFilevault application to enable disk encryption on your Mac, you can find the recovery key here.

Just search for your Mac and click on "Show Filevault Recovery key(s)".
Please note that you should be the main user or responsible user of the Mac on lanDB to be allowed to access the recovery key.

If you forgot your password, just start your Mac. After three unsuccessfull login attempts you will have an indication to help you to remember your password.
If it is not enough, you can choose to reset it using your recovery key.

In case Mac OS X is not able to start anymore you can still access your data through the recovery partition.

To do this, start your Mac with command R.

Then start Terminal and type in diskutil corestorage list and press enter.

Copy the logical volume UUID of your current HD.

Then type in by replacing the volume UUID:
diskutil corestorage unlockVolume UUID -stdinpassphrase
When asked for passphrase, type in the recovery key.

You can then access your data through utilities, or disable disk encryption by typing in (still by replacing UUID by the one of your logical volume) :
diskutil corestorage revert UUID -stdinpassphrase
When asked for passphrase, type in the recovery key.

After a while (depending on the amount of data to decrypt) the disk will be decrypted.