Software updates for Mac

Apple regularly releases software updates, including improvements, bug fixes and security updates. It is very important that Mac users make sure these software updates are promptly installed on their Macs. There is no central management of updates for Mac computers at CERN, so the users are in charge.

To make sure that you get informed about these updates, pay attention to the related notifications and to the number of available updates displayed in the icon of the App in the Dock. Whenever new software updates are available, install them promptly.

This also applies to application updates provided by respective application vendors.

When you have not installed software updates for a long time you might have to check for applicable updates several times in a row until all available updates get installed.

Previous versions of macOS / OS X

Please note that Apple only supports the current version of macOS (currently: 10.14). We consider this as the only supported version of the OS. Vulnerabilities in older versions of Mac OS do not get fixed systematically. Also, the CERN Service Desk will not support Mac computers running older versions of OS X. You can find out which version of the operating system you have by clicking on the "About this Mac" item in the Apple menu.

Users should make sure that they run the current version of OS X on all their Macs.

OS X version below 10.14

If you are running OS X version below 10.14, we recommend that you check whether your Mac can run at least 10.12. If it cannot, you should consider to replace your Mac as soon as possible.