Virtualisation for Mac

CERN has a limited enterprise licence for Parallels Desktop, which is a user-friendly virtualisation solution for Mac. CERN users can install and use Parallels Destop for work-related tasks on Mac computers that are regularly on site. There is no central support for use of Parallels outside of CERN. Macs that do not report to the MDM Server (see Self-Service link below), or that report mainly from outside of CERN) will be blocked from using Parallels.

Note: the licencing cost for CERN depends on the number of Macs where Parallels Desktop is installed. If you previously installed Parallels but you no longer use it, please uninstall it so that CERN is not charged for your installation. Activations for Macs no longer active on the CERN network are revoked regularely.

CERN users can install Parallels on Macs that are on site or have been on site recently by using the Mac Self-Service. More information about how to access the Self-Service is available here :

If you want to enrol a virtual Mac make sure that that virtual Mac does not have the same serial number as the host Mac or any other Mac already enrolled. See for instructions how to change the serial number of a virtual Mac.

The CERN IT Mac Support Team can also provide support to set up standard CERN installation of Windows (NICE) or Linux under Parallels. The instructions are available as attachments linked on the right.

The usage of Paralells Desktop is logged by the vendor.

For help or support, please contact the Service Desk.