Mobile Data Services

Data services over mobile phone networks allows you to access internet services using your CERN mobile subscription.


Mobile telephony technology and infrastructure is evolving continuously to add new services and increase data rates. Some of these improvements change the fundamental nature of the service (transmission technology, frequency bands, frequency bandwidth, etc.) and are known as generations.

The second generation (2G or GSM) started to offer mobile data services in the early 90s. Since then you have been using 2G (GSM, GPRS, EDGE), 3G in the 00s (UMTS, HSPA, HSDPA+) and recently 4G (LTE, LTE-Advanced). 5G is already been discussed…


You can find all those technologies both in CERN underground facilities and on surface. Depending on your location these services will be offered by a different operator. You can consult CERN’s mobile coverage here.


All CERN subscriptions can use (*) mobile data services free of charge while connected to Swisscom network (Swiss territory and CERN underground facilities).

Only users with a STANDARD subscription will be able to surf on Internet abroad (on roaming). Please, be aware that data traffic will be charged (1.5 GB/month included in Neighbours countries) ; you can check this link for detailed information about pricing.

Data travel packages

The STANDARD subscriptions include 1.5GB/month while roaming in Neighbours countries (France, Germany, Italy, Austria); data communications exceeding the 1.5 GB are charged (1 GB packets will be automatically purchased).

Outside Switzerland, data traffic will be billed via 200 MB or 1 GB packages valid 12 months since the purchasing date1. The first package will be purchased after your first data connection on roaming.

Data package can be used in the Roaming Zone where it has been purchased.

1:Unused volume packages will expire after 12 months. 

Cost control

While using mobile data services abroad the data traffic will be charged (please note that the first 1.5 GB/month are included in Neighbour countries). You will be informed by SMS about your data consumption every CHF 50.

You can control the cost when using internet abroad via the Swisscom cockpit. The connection to the Swisscom cockpit is free, and you will not run up any costs, neither in Switzerland nor abroad.

How to

How to subscribe

All CERN subscriptions have the data transmission allowed (*) by default on Swisscom network. 

STANDARD subscription is authorised to use data worldwide. Please, be aware that data traffic on roaming will be charged (1.5 GB/month included in Neighbours countries) ; you can check this link for detailed information about pricing.

The DATA connections on roaming are blocked for RESTRICTED subscriptions.

How to connect to Swisscom public APN

In order to successfully establish a connection with the Swisscom public APN, please follow the steps on this link.

How to use a Huawei USB Modem E3372 4G 

Please follow this installation procedure.

How to use a Huawei E180 Broadband USB key

If you have an old USB key preconfigured for Sunrise data connection, you can use it also with your CERN Swisscom SIM card. Please follow this procedure.

Information about smartphones

You can find information about smartphones here.


Please contact the Telecom services (, tel. 77777 ) for the additional information.

(*) In accordance with CERN Mobile Phone Subscriptions Terms and Conditions.

Reminder: You have committed to obey the Computing Rules (