Telecom Billing

Communication details

The communication details for groups/ teams are available in AIS (authentication required): 
CET Transactions By Cost Centre 
CET Telephone Details 
CET Telephone Summaries 
HRT Telephone Privileges

You can access your communication details made from you GSM via:
HRT Telephone Details

Only communications charged to your budget code are displayed.


Mobile telephony

You can find the information regarding the mobile telephony costs here: Mobile tariffs

Please note that Added-value SMS and MMS (such as TPG tickets) as well as purchases are not allowed via CERN mobile subscriptions. Please remember that you have committed to obey the computing rules ( and the Operational Circular n°5.


Calls made from a fixed-line are routed by CERN’s telephone exchange (PABX).
Communications to all external numbers are billed by our operators and could be deducted from the user budget code.

Please note that the PABX traffic price list is strictly confidential and cannot be divulged in order to preserve price competitiveness.

Billing process

CERN telecom bills are processed in two steps:

  1. Mobile telephony traffic
    • Mobile telephony calls not included in the subscription plan
    • Mobile telephony data connections not included in the subscription plan
    • SMSs and MMSs not included in the subscription plan

The monthly billing is established at the beginning of each month for the entire previous month. The details are available in HRT/CET around the 12th of each month.

  1. Telephone exchange (PABX) traffic


For any additional information please contact the Telecom services at 77777 or send an email to