Time Capsule

Configure a Time Capsule at CERN



- Time Capsules are not supported at CERN. They are tolerated on condition that their Wi-Fi functionality is disabled.

- Anyone with physical access to Time Capsule can get access to the data stored on the Time Capsule unless the data is encrypted.


Time Capsule is used as an automatic network backup for Macintosh computers with the wireless capability. At home, users enable the device as a wireless access point, but at CERN, user-installed wireless access points are forbidden as they can interfere with the CERN-supported wireless network.


The configuration is done in two steps. The first one to setup the Time Capsule as a Wi-Fi access point and the second one to disable the Wi-Fi network.


Steps for Configuring Time Capsule

IMPORTANT: These instructions are intended for an unconfigured Time Capsule with default settings. If the Time Capsule was previously configured, you may return it to the default settings by using the factory reset option with a pen or pencil. Doing so, will not remove your backup data.


The Time Capsule device must be first registered in LanDB.

  1.  Open Airport Utility (Applications > Utilities). The Time Capsule should be visible in the “Other Wi-Fi Devices (1)” drop down menu at top left of the Airport Utility window.
  2. Select the Time Capsule with a name similar to “Airport Time Capsule 67a22f”.
  3. Select “Other Options” (bottom left of the window).
  4. Select “Add to an existing network” and click “Next”.
  5. In the next window, if there are more than one network names, select the wireless network “CERN” and click “Next”.
  6. On the next screen, complete with a base station name and a strong password. Click “Next”:

The Time Capsule is now configured but with Wi-Fi enabled !

Click “Done”.


Disable Wi-Fi on the Time Capsule

The computer used to configure must be on the same wireless network as the Time Capsule. In the Airport Utility window, below the Internet globe, the new configured Time Capsule should appear. If not, quit the Airport Utility, open it again and eventually in the “Other Wi-Fi Devices” drop down menu, select the Network Interface “Wi-Fi”.

  1. Click on the Time Capsule with the name entered before and click on “Edit” in the little pop up window.
  2. Select the tab “Wireless” and choose “Off” in the “Network Mode” pop up list. Click “Update”.

When the Time Capsule LED is back to green, the configuration is done.

Steps for adding users

  1. In Airport Utility, use the command “Configure Other…” from the File menu.
  2. Enter the host name as registered in LanDB and the password given during the configuration.
  3. When the configuration window is open, select the last tab called “Disks”.
  4. Under “Secure Shared Disks:” select “With accounts” and add users as necessary.
  5. Click on “Update”.

To allow the setup of Time Machine, users will have to mount the Time Capsule disk using the hostname and their credentials.

  1. From the menu “Go”, use the last option “Connect to Server…”
  2. Enter the host name of the Time Capsule and click on “Connect”.
  3. Select the volume with your account name and click “Ok”.

When the volume is visible on the desktop, Time Machine can be configured.

  1. Open Time Machine Preferences and click on “Select Disk…”.
  2. In the pop down window, select the volume named with your account name.
  3. Be sure to put a tick for the option “Encrypt backups”.
  4. Click on “Use Disk”.