How to organise a videoconference session from CERN?

If you've never done a video conference from a conference room at CERN before, please follow this procedure (if you still have questions, please contact

1. To book the physical meeting room, go to the room booking form on indico and select Book a room
2. In the booking form, select which videoconferencing technology you want to use
3. As depicted below, If you're new to videoconferencing or would otherwise like assistance for your conference, be sure to tick the "I need assistance" checkbox - this will send an email to our service and one of our operators will start your meeting for you (please note that by default, this will be done remotely. If you want to have an operator physically present for the start of your meeting, please send a mail to

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the meeting room is moderated, then please WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION on your reservation. Your reservation is NOT VALID until it has been accepted and you have received a confirmation.

You can choose between several different collaborative technologies with which to hold your video conference, and depending on which platform you choose, may need to book a "virtual" meeting room on the service in addition to the physical meeting room:

  • H323 Point-to-point videoconference call (no booking required; you just need to make sure the remote site is compatible with the H323 standard and ask their IP address)
  • Vidyo (you'll need to book your Vidyo meeting)