Managers: Create Vidyo Meetings through Indico

Vidyo is a reservation-less system, in theory you don't need to create a reservation. Every registered user has his own Vidyo room to have their own meetings. 

This said, there are basically 2 ways of having a Vidyo meeting:
  • You can create a dedicated Vidyo meeting room for a given event. For this you need to use Indico interface for video services. More information in how to do this can be found on the Indico Video Services Guide below.
    • Note: For a recurring event, you just need to create the Vidyo room once: It can then be re-used everytime needed by selecting it in the list of Vidyo rooms you own. Please note that a mechanism has been created to delete all Vidyo rooms which have not been used in the last 6 months: They will be deleted and removed from the correpsonding Indico events.
  •  Alternatively, in Windows, if using Outlook as an e-mail client you can install the Vidyo Extension for Outlook that will add a button to the Outlook toolbar, from where you can schedule directly Vidyo meetings in your personal room
    • To send the meeting participants the URL of your room you can find it on the vidyoportal interface, after login in the if you click on the top right corner in Control Meeting.

Large Meetings: participants muted by default

When you create a Vidyo room from Indico, you have the possibiity to specify that all VidyoDesktop clients will join the meeting muted by default (both in audio and video), which is especially useful for large meetings.
Note: This will not impact H323 devices nor phone connections.
Delegating the moderation rights for the Vidyo room
When creating the Vidyo booking on Indico you have the option to specify a "Moderator PIN". If you set one such PIN and disclose to another person, this person will be able to moderate the meeting just like you.