Managers: Moderate a Vidyo meeting

1) Login to the VidyoDesktop client

Note: First time running the client will also display anauthentication window (that needs as a 'Portal' value) and your CERN credentials.

2) Connect to the meeting you want to moderate

then click on the participants icon:

and on the small control meeting icon:

you are then redirected to the meeting management web page.

3) Mute participants that cause noise! To do this, in the Control Meeting Interface click on the Mute button:

This will mute a participant. From the VidyoDesktop client you can check who is sending audio by going to the configuration window and click CTRL -> A ("A" long press):

One can also use the "Mute All" feature which will mute all the meeting participants. These participants will not be able to unmute themselves. Only the moderator can do this through the "Control Meeting" page.

Right after muting all the participants do not forget to unmute the meeting room:

Alternatively, use the "Silence All" feature: this will mute all VidyoDesktop participants (so not the phones nor the H323 rooms) but will let them unmute themselves if needed

5) You can also invite Participants directly from the Control Panel. For this, click on Add Participants:

and then search them in the field:

Using a Moderator PIN code

You can also moderate a Vidyo room if a moderator PIN code has been assigned to this room and you have been given this PIN code. For this follow the steps above, by connecting to the Vidyo room in question (Search for the room and click "Join Room"). Once connected go to control meeting and enter the PIN.