Managers: Use Vidyo in Meeting Rooms

Using Vidyo from a CERN videoconference room can be easily done in 3 steps:


1) Connect the CERN physical room from Indico

If you have booked your Vidyo room from Indico, then you can connect the physical room to the Vidyo meeting through Indico, by going either to the Indico meeting page

or to the Indico event management area, "Video Services" tab:

Note: The link will appear to any user displaying the event page on the PC equipping the CERN meeting room. If not displayed on the room PC, the Indico event page will show the "Connect..." button only to the Indico event manager and the Vidyo room owners.


2) Content Sharing

In order to send the content of the presentation to the Vidyo meeting, please use the remote control of the Cisco/Tandberg and click on the "presentation" button. This will enable presentation sharing to all the participants


3) Closing the connection

To close the meeting please disconnect the Cisco/Tandberg (pushing twice the red button).

Also remember to close the browser window with the vidyoportal and the VidyoDesktop client if you opened them on the room PC.

Important Note:

If the VidyoDesktop client is launched on the room VC PC, since the communication is done via the H323 device installed in the room, one needs to mute the desktop client buttons on the interface, (speaker and mic icons below) to avoid any echoes.