Users: How to Record a Meeting

The recording service in Vidyo allows users to record meetings in rooms that are not equipped for recording or when there are meetings with no rooms at all present (only between user Desktops/Mobiles).

This How-to shows you in few steps how to record a meeting in Vidyo:

1) After creating a meeting on Indico access to it as you would normally do.

2) Once you are connected go to the client click on the Show Participants button and launch the Control-Meeting Panel (note that you need to be owner of the meeting or delegated moderator via a moderator PIN)

you will be directed to the meeting Control Panel:

3) Centrally on the page, one can see a red button and the STOP and PAUSE buttons. If you click on the RED one, "Record" is selected by default (please dont change that since the Record&Webcast button won't work as it's not active!) and the DEFAULT profile is defined. 

4) Once the Green Record label is clicked, the red button will become greyed out and a message will display "Please wait for Recording to start" RED. Once started All all the users connected to the meeting will have a small red dot on their client indicating that they are being recorded.

5) The recording will stop when one manually clicks on the squared STOP button or when the last participant leaves the conference.

6) One can publish or download directly the recording from . Please notice that even you may be a delegated moderator, a recording is saved under the identity of the owner of the room. So you may need to ask him/her for access later on.

7) To publish the recording in CDS, one needs to go to

For any questions or request of information please address them to

Important Notes:

1) The recordings should not be very big files, otherwise one might have problems in downloading it. If you have to record a long meeting try to split the recordings for easier download.

2) In rooms equipped with standard recording equipment, please use the standard recording service instead. For more information on this refer to

3) The recording in Vidyo is limited to the layout of the meeting. There is no possibility of having a dual screen recording (video + slides) in separate windows. If this is a very important feature, please use a room equipped for recording and make a standard recording request (refer to the Recording Service link above).

4) Recordings are available from rooms created in Indico only. The Recording feature is not active from Personal Rooms.