Users: Install the VidyoConnect client


The Vidyo system has 2 main components for the user:

  • the VidyoPortal where users can download the client.
  • the VidyoConnect client which is used for login, audio/video communication and presentation sharing. It is installed as a local application on the user's computer or tablet.
When accessing to a meeting for the first time, you will be asked to install the VidyoConnect Client. After installation a small Vidyo icon will be available on the system's notification area. In the vidyoportal field one should put and fill your CERN account details (username and password)If one doesn't have an account, when invited to a meeting one should enter a random Guest name.
If your platform is not correctly detected and the vidyoportal does not send you the proper installation package, you also have the possibility to manually download the package. This option may be interesting also for managers of PCs in collaborating institutes, for a global deployment.
Initial configuration
Configuration options can be found in the Vidyo user guide
Users on mobile devices, please see the dedicated page.
Linux users, please see also the dedicated page.