Users: Join a Vidyo meeting by Phone

To join a meeting by phone, dial one of the numbers listed below, then enter the Vidyo meeting Numeric Extension (see here how to find a Vidyo meeting extension) followed by the "#" key. If the meeting is protected by a PIN, you will be asked to enter the PIN number (which should have been supplied directly to you by the meeting organizer). Once you join, your phone number will be listed on the list of participants.

Available phone numbers:

via LHC Institutes or NRENs:
CERN (CH): 71400 (from the outside +41227671400) 
Cesnet (CZ): +420950072376 
Desy (DE): +494089981350 
IHEP (China): +861088236019 
Nikhef (NL): +31207165248 
FNAL (US): +16308405470 
via Vidyo/
London (UK): +442030510622 
Madrid (SP): +34911233708