Users: Test your setup

Vidyo Café virtual room (ext. 10080018)

The Café room ( has been setup to allow you to test your local equipment and setup. If you connect to this room you will be able to see a live view of a clock and hear some background music. 

If you want to test your setup with teh WebRTC client, use this link:

This room will also feed back any audio that you send, so if you speak you will hear yourself back after a small delay. This allows you to test your microphone setup.

Please note this room is obviously not made for discussions with colleagues, as everything which is said in there will be repeated twice for the other participants.

Call a colleague

Simply log in the VidyoDesktop client and search the name of a colleague and call.

Gathering Logs and Sending Feedback

Here is the way that you can get your logs:

Windows: in  uder your username, go to Documents/Vidyo Desktop

Mac: under your username, go to Library/Logs/Vidyo Desktop

In Linux: under your username, in ./Vidyo Desktop

Send these logs to This will be the fastest way to report issues and address them rapidly.