Users: Use an H.323/SIP client to connect to a Vidyo meeting

Calling-in from an H323/SIP device to a Vidyo meeting 
Calling-in from an H323 device to Vidyo is also supported through the use of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service. To join a Vidyo meeting from your H323 device, simply dial the IP address of one of the gateways listed below on the videoconference device of the meeting room.
Once the connection is established with the gateway, dial in the Vidyo meeting room extension you wish to join followed by the "#" key.
NOTE: To know how to send DTMF tones on your H323/SIP endpoint please refer to its user's manual.
Vidyo gateway addresses
CERN: ( )

Internet2 (Ann Arbor, MI, US): ( )

Finding the Vidyo meeting extension
An E.164 number can also be used, but only for devices/MCU meetings that are registered in the CERN production Gatekeeper ( or registered in Gatekeepers set as neighbors of the CERN Gatekeeper (examples are ESnet, Desy and Switch).
To know more about the calling in procedures (specifically how to dial the VidyoGateways addresses) please contact
In all cases, one needs to be sure that if your H323/SIP device is registered in a Gatekeeper where calls using direct IP calling or strings are allowed by the Gatekeeper policy. In case the Gatekeeper policy doesn't allow this, one needs to de-register the system from the Gatekeeper to do it. The CERN Gatekeeper allows these dialing mechanisms for all its registered endpoints.
For any additional information on H323/SIP support on Vidyo, do not hesitate in contacting us at

Registering your H.323/SIP device in CERN Vidyo Portal Address book

If your institute has an H.323 device that it would like registered (for easy access by others), please send a note to with the following information:
  • IP address of the H.323 device
  • Name of Institute
  • Name for its room

The device will then be listed in the Vidyo directory under: ROOM_{institute}_{room name} and any registered Vidyo user will be able to call the device directly. The moderator of a Vidyo meeting will also be able to "invite" the device easily.

Calling-out an H323/SIP device from the CERN VidyoPortal

An H323/SIP device can be called from the Vidyo portal using its IP address: for ex. an H323/SIP device with IP will be called by entering "" on the vidyoportal interface after authentication in the field Select from list or Enter name to call. This will make a point to point connection from your VidyoDesktop client to the H323/SIP device.

Alternatively, for multipoint meetings, you will need to call the H323/SIP device via Control Meeting in the top right corner of the vidyoportal interface, after authentication, click in the Add Participant icon (first on the left)