Users: Use Vidyo on Linux

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Do not use VidyoDesktop clients for Linux. As a replacement please connect with the WebRTC client. Vidyo support announced that any user joining a Vidyo meeting using the deprecated VidyoDesktop client for Linux is susceptible to impact the audio experience of any other user connecting to the meeting regardless of their platform. DO NOT USE the VidyoDesktop client anymore!

You can access a Vidyo meeting with the VidyoConnect WebRTC client. This client is the default option, if you are accessing a Vidyo meeting from indico and you are on Linux. If you want to start the client without an indico link, simply use Chrome or Firefox browser and go to , use portal: and login with your CERN account. 

If you have difficulties to connect or you are disconnected after few seconds, please check if your firewall is open. You can find all the ports needed on our service page:


For any further information or additional questions, please contact