Microsoft Licensing Conditions

Why do we publish these Conditions?

Item 17 of Operational Circular No 5 stipulates that users of CERN Computing Facilities must respect proprietary rights, including copyrights, relating to the CERN Computing Facilities. We purchase the bulk of our Microsoft software under what is called a Microsoft Select Campus for Education Licence. To help you to respect the copyrights covering the Microsoft software, these web pages include an extract of the principal conditions of the Microsoft license.

To whom do the Conditions apply?

They apply to all users of CERN's computing facilities who make use of Microsoft products, including CERN staff, temporary or long-term visitors, contractor staff, students.

Which Software is covered?

  • All versions of Windows
  • All versions of the products in Microsoft Office (Office Standard, Office Professional and Office for MacOS). This includes principally the tools< >MS WordMS ExcelMS PowerpointOutlook
  • MS Project
  • MS Sharepoint
  • All versions of the products in Visual Studio, in particular
  • Visual C++ (this includes support for C)
  • Visual J++
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual Interdev
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Note: this does NOT cover Visual Fortran which is not produced by Microsoft.
  • All versions of Microsoft Backoffice client (which allows the service to run various central servers and services).

What are these conditions?

  1. You can run the software on any desktop computer at CERN plus you can run it on a portable computer or a home computer but not both (unless your portable is also used as your desktop).
  2. Apart from short trips such as for vacation or business travel, when you leave CERN you must remove from the disc of your computer all Microsoft software which you acquired at CERN. Note that your computer was almost certainly acquired with an original Windows licence. You may leave this on the disc but if you upgraded your original Windows installation at CERN, you must remove it by re-installing your original kit, overwriting any commercial software you acquired from CERN.
  3. If either CERN or Microsoft terminate the contract without taking advantage of a so-called buy-out clause, all CERN users must remove from the disc of your computer all software which you acquired at CERN.
  4. Microsoft has the right to conduct an audit of all desktop computers at CERN to check for abuse of the contract which CERN has signed.