Java Web Hosting Service

This service provides server-side infrastructure and corresponding support activities for deploying java web applications.

The Middleware On Demand is a central server infrastructure for deployment of Java web applications at CERN. It is run within IT-DB group. There are two instances of this system:

  1. For production sites:
  2. For test sites:

Please note that we don't give support for java development issues. What we provide is a place for you to deploy and run your application.

Please also note that all applications hosted within the service have to comply with rules for use of CERN Computing Facilities.

The service is integrated with CERN Web Services, so if you need to deploy an application within the service, please go to CERN Web Services page, register your website name and choose Java MiddleWare On Demand application for your type site.

If you have any problems or questions, please report and incident or submit a request.