Publishing Service

This service is responsible for copy-editing scientific texts such as CERN reports, school proceedings etc. This includes checking for clarity and consistency, grammar and spelling, style and layout.

A short introduction to CERN Publishing

CERN is a scientific laboratory whose main purpose is fundamental research in high-energy physics (HEP). An important task of the Organization is to communicate its work, discoveries and achievements. An important medium of disseminating its scientific knowledge is via publications in books, journals, and proceedings of conferences, in paper or electronic form.

CERN Publishing is a team of people who provide support for some CERN publications, namely the CERN Yellow Reports series (School Proceedings, Monographs and Conference Proceedings) approved by the CERN Reports Editorial Board (CREB), the CERN Proceedings (CP) and the CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation (CIJ).

When preparing a contribution for one of these publications we advise you to read the Publishing User Guide before you start. At the request of the editor, manuscripts submitted for publication as CERN Yellow Reports, approved by the CREB, will be copy-edited – checked for clarity and consistency, grammar and spelling, style and layout.

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