TETRA Radio Communication Service

This service covers all aspects of providing TETRA radio communication and geolocation functionality to the fire brigade, security guards, maintenance and operational teams. The service includes the installation, configuration, operation, maintenance and support of underlying infrastructure, system and tools.

TETRA network

The TETRA network is a digital radio communication system. Designed foremost for safety, it is the perfect solution for group communication in both surface and underground CERN areas.

The TETRA network is available everywhere outdoor, in most of underground facilities (LHC, LHC's Experiments, SPS, PS/Booster, Linacs, North Area) and in some surface areas (AD, ISOLDE). It is opened to any CERN users. It allows people required to work in a team to easily exchange voice and text messages using predefined communication groups. Typically, if you need to coordinate in real-time the commissioning of equipment with several people in several places, the TETRA radios are the right response to your communication needs.

The TETRA network is also used by the CERN fire brigade as their operational communication tool. Any TETRA terminal is therefore able to get in touch very easily with the fire brigade call-centre in case of emergency. All hand-held terminals are equipped with a “lone worker” protection feature that launches automatically an alarm to the fire brigade call centre in case of a strong shock or loss of verticality. Associated with geo-localisation (only outdoor for the moment), this is speeding up the rescue process.   

Control rooms can be equipped with a dispatcher application that allows the supervision of large groups of terminals, the management of several talk groups, broadcast messages, etc.

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