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AutoCAD Architecture Autodesk

 AutoCAD® Architecture software is the version of AutoCAD® software created for architects. Architectural CAD features help you design, document, and draft more efficiently, in the familiar AutoCAD environment. Start working in AutoCAD Architecture software and experience productivity gains right away, while learning new features at your own pace.

10-Gbps Ethernet IP Altera

The Altera 10-Gbps Ethernet IP core implements the IEEE 802.3 2005 and 802.1Q Ethernet standards. Quartus II can be used to parameterize and implement the core in designs. The core includes an Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC) with an Avalon Streaming (Avalon-ST) interface on the client side, and a XAUI or a standard XGMII interface on the network side.

3ds Max Autodesk

Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design software provide powerful, integrated 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tools that enable artists and designers to focus more energy on creative, rather than technical challenges.

Allegro AMS Simulator Cadence

Allegro AMS Simulator is a full-featured analog and mixed-signal simulator using Allegro Design Entry (ex Concept) as a front-end.
PSpice is also available with OrCAD Capture as schematic entry - see the Cadence PSpice entry for more details.

Allegro System Architect Cadence

Allegro System Architect's spreadsheet editor for large pin-count devices, multiple wide buses, FPGAs, and high pin-count differential connectors.

Altera IP Cores Altera

This is a suite of IP cores delivered by Altera. The available products include FIR, NCO, DDR, FFT and NIOS cores.

Altium Designer Altium

Design tool for electronic schematic editor and pcb editor.

  • Installation: available via CMF. Read the [HELP] on the CMF page for installation instructions.
  • Licence servers: cernvlic10
Ansoft Designer Ansys

Ansoft Designer is an integrated schematic and design management front-end for the HFSS, Q3D Extractor and SIwave simulation technologies. It is the foundation for a design flow that allows users to model and simulate analogue, RF, and mixed-signal applications and perform signal-integrity analysis and system verification of IC/package/board designs.


Here!!! - quick link to the CMF installation help file.


AutoCAD Civil 3D Autodesk

AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software, part of Autodesk® Infrastructure Design Suite, is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for civil engineering design and documentation.

AutoCAD Electrical Autodesk

AutoCAD® Electrical software is the AutoCAD® software for electrical controls designers. Created for electrical control systems, AutoCAD Electrical design software includes all the functionality of AutoCAD plus a complete set of electrical CAD features.

AutoCAD Map 3D Autodesk

AutoCAD® Map 3D mapping software for model-based infrastructure planning and management helps integrate CAD and GIS data to inform GIS, planning, and engineering decisions. With intelligent industry data models and tools, you can apply regional and discipline-specific standards.

AutoCAD Mechanical Autodesk

AutoCAD® Mechanical design and drafting software is AutoCAD® software for manufacturing.

AutoCAD MEP Autodesk

Draft, design, and document building systems with AutoCAD® MEP software, the version of AutoCAD® software for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) designers and drafters. Create more accurate designs and increase drafting and documentation productivity by working in a familiar AutoCAD-based environment.

Automotive Autodesk

The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping helps the automotive industry to better design, visualize, and simulate product and process designs before they are built.



Oracle's AutoVue solutions are designed to meet all of an organization's document visualization requirements. They can serve as the window for visualization across all enterprise applications and can even meet the basic viewing needs of individual desktops.

CADNexus CADNexus

Here! - quick link to the CMF installation help file.

Ansys plugin for CATIA.

This software allows the user to work directly from CATIA and ANSYS. The installation procedure and the procedure to link CATIA and ANSYS is availabel in the link above.

CAM350-110 Downstream

CAM350 eases the inspection, preparation, and manufacturing of PCB designs and ensures optimal fabrication flow.

CATIA V5 Dassault Systems

Catia V5 from Dassault, is the official 3D CAD/CAM system supported at CERN. For more information, please see the CERN CAD service web pages.

ChipScope Pro Xilinx

ChipScope Pro inserts logic analyzer, bus analyzer, and Virtual I/O low-profile software cores directly into designs, allowing viewing of any internal signal or node, including embedded hard or soft processors. Signals are captured at or near operating system speed and brought out through the programming interface, freeing up pins.

Code Composer Studio IDE Texas Instruments

"Code Composer Studio IDE offers robust, mature core functions with easy-to-use configuration and graphical visualization tools for faster system design.
Features throughout the Development Cycle:
Application Design - including DSP BIOS, Reference Frameworks and Update Advisor
Code & Build - including C/C++ and Assembly and CodeWright Integrated Editor


The COMSOL Multiphysics simulation environment facilitates all the steps in the modeling process – defining your geometry, meshing, specifying your physics, solving, and then visualizing your results. It also serves as a platform for the application specific modules.

Designer Microsemi

Actel (now Microsemi) Designer is a physical implementation software tool suite. After completing design entry and functional verification, import the resulting netlist into Designer to complete physical and timing constraints and perform FPGA place-and-route, timing analysis, power analysis, and program file generation.

DIAdem National Instruments Provided by EN Department

DIAdem is software specifically designed to help engineers and scientists quickly locate, inspect, analyze, and report on measurement data using one software tool.

DSP Builder Altera

DSP Builder technology allows you to go from system definition/simulation using the The MathWorks/Simulink tools to system implementation.

The DSP Builder Signal Compiler block reads Simulink Model Files (.mdl) that are built using DSP Builder and MegaCore blocks and generates VHDL files and tool command language (TCL) scripts for synthesis, hardware implementation, and simulation.

DWG TrueView Autodesk

DWG TRUEView is one of the free viewers Autodesk provides. For more information check the Supplier's web site.

  • Installation: available via CMF. Read the [HELP] on the CMF page for installation instructions.
  • Licence servers: cernvflxn11/12/13 (obsolete servers cernvflxn01/02/03)
EditPlus Text Editor Editplus

EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows. It offers many powerful features for VHDL and Verilog designers

EDK Xilinx

The Embedded Development Kit (EDK) bundle is an integrated software solution for designing embedded processing systems. The pre-configured kit includes the Platform Studio tool suite as well as all the documentation and IP needed for designing Xilinx Platform FPGAs with embedded PowerPC hard processor cores and/or MicroBlaze soft processor cores.

Elec Calc Trace Software

Elec Calc (previously known as Tr-Ciel) is useful in every aspect of an electric installation, from the early design up to the maintenance, through the production and inspection. Elec Calc is also very much appreciated in technical education.

Elecworks Trace Software

Elecworks (formerly Trace Elec Pro) is an electrical design software.

Equipped with a graphic interface for standard Windows, it allows you to study and produce, faster and safer, documentation for technical design documents and electrical installations.


See supplier's web site for more information.
At CERN we have only 2 licences which are restricted. In case you need access send a request to the service desk.

  • Installation: available via CMF. Read the [HELP] on the CMF page for installation instructions.
  • Licence servers:
ESAComp Componeering

ANSYS software suite with its composites module ANSYS Composite PrepPost (ACP) provides a comprehensive set of tools for the simulation of composite structures. These features can be further enhanced with the database, laminate design and detailed analysis features of ESAComp. ACP users benefit from the "ESAComp 4 ACP" discount license price.

EthernetMAC MorethanIP

This is a 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC IP Core from MoreThanIP. The CERN version targets Altera devices.

FilterSolutions Nuhertz

Nuhertz provides Windows based software programs for the synthesis and analysis of electronic filter circuits. If you wish to use this capabilty, please contact


Flux is a finite element software application used for electromagnetic and thermal simulations, both in 2D and 3D. Suitable for design and optimization, teaching and R&D.

At CERN there are only 2 licences available.

FPGA Programmers CERN

There are some PLD/EPLD/Memory/FPGA hardware programmers available at CERN.  Please contact for more details.

HDL Designer Mentor

HDL Designer combines deep analysis capabilities, advanced creation editors, and complete project and flow management, to deliver a powerful HDL design environment that increases the productivity of individual engineers and teams (local or remote) and enables a repeatable and predictable design process.

HFSS Ansys

ANSYS HFSS software is a simulation tool for 3-D full-wave electromagnetic field simulation.  It is used for the design of high-frequency and high-speed component design.
HFSS offers multiple state-of the-art solver technologies based on either the finite element or integral equation method.

Inventor 3D Autodesk

Please be aware that CATIA V5 is the officially supported Mechanical CAD system at CERN. For any request releated to CAD please find the information here: 


Inventor Content Center Autodesk

Access native Autodesk® Inventor® models from over 100 leading component manufacturers.

ISE Xilinx

The most complete programmable logic design solution for optimal performance, power management, cost reduction, and productivity. ISE Foundation includes Xilinx new SmartCompile Technology; an industry-unique combination of capabilities to solve the number one design challenge - timing closure.

ispdesignEXPERT Lattice

ispdesignEXPERT is normally used to program legacy PAL, GAL and CPLD devices. It has now been largely superceded by other software.

ispLever Lattice

ispLEVER is a complete design environment for all Lattice programmable logic products including CPLD and FPGA. It includes a comprehensive set of powerful tools for all design tasks, including project management, IP integration, design planning, place and route, in-system logic analysis, and more.

ispLEVER Classic Lattice

 ispLEVER Classic is normally used to program legacy PAL, GAL and CPLD devices. For recent devices, ispLEVER should be used.

IUS Cadence

Incisive Unified Simulator (IUS): Simulation is a key component in the design phase with native mixed-language IUS offers support for both Verilog® and VHDL languages.
IUS 5.4 is the last version available on Windows, later versions are only available on Linux.

JIRA Atlassian

This service provides the central JIRA Issue Tracking Service (ITS) infrastructure supported by the IT Department.


Used for Boundary scan testing and in-system programming (ISP) solutions.  Now superceded by ProVision.

LabVIEW National Instruments Provided by EN Department

Graphical programming environment to create and visualise engineering systems, from simulation on the desktop to distributed real-time and FPGA based embedded systems for data acquisition, control and automated tests.

LeonardoSpectrum Mentor

Mature synthesis tool for designing PLDs, FPGAs and ASICs, in VHDL or Verilog. Supports many current and legacy FPGA devices and ASIC families. Highly controllable advanced synthesis algorithms. Language neutrality, and both platform- and target-device independence.
This product has been superceded in the Mentor range by Precision.

Libero Microsemi

Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) is software for designing with Microsemi (Actel) FPGAs from design, synthesis and simulation, through floorplanning, place-and-route, timing constraints and analysis, power analysis, and program file generation.

Mathcad 15 PTC

PTC Mathcad is the Industry Standard Software for Engineering Calculations.

Mathematica Wolfram Research

Mathematica is used in scientific research, in engineering analysis and modelling, and potentially infinite other ways. Under CERN's site licence, Mathematica may be run on CERN Linux, Windows and Mac systems on the CERN site by persons who are also on site.

MATLAB Mathworks

MATLAB is one of a number of commercial, free and open-source tools available at CERN for solving mathematics and engineering problems.
Please contact CERN EDA support for advice on the tool best suited for your particular project.


Altera Max+PLUS II enables creation and implementation of FPGA, CPLD, and structured ASIC designs. Software supports VHDL and Verilog HDL design entry, graphical-based design entry methods, and integrated system-level design tools.

Maxwell 2D Ansys

Maxwell 2D is an electromagnetic simulation software program used to accurately develop virtual prototypes of electric machines, actuators, transformers, sensors, and other electromagnetic devices that can be represented in two dimensions.

Maxwell 3D Ansys

Maxwell 3D allows for the simulation and analysis of high-performance electromagnetic and electromechanical components common to automotive, military/aerospace, and industrial applications. Maxwell provides users a virtual laboratory to study static, frequency-domain, and time-varying electromagnetic fields in complex structures.

Maya Autodesk

Autodesk® Maya® 3D animation software delivers a comprehensive creative feature set with tools for animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, matchmoving, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. For visual effects, game development, post production, or other 3D animation projects, Maya offers toolsets to help meet demanding production requirements.

Mechanical Desktop 2009 - Obsolete Autodesk

AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop 2009 is not supported anymore by Autodesk but is needed to convert old designs to Inventor 2010.

  • Installation: available via CMF. Read the [HELP] on the CMF page for installation instructions.
  • Licence servers: cernvflxn11/12/13 (obsolete servers cernvflxn01/02/03)
Microwave Office AWR

Applied Wave Research Microwave Office (AWR MWO) design suite offers a complete design flow using linear and nonlinear circuit simulators.

There is a very limited number of licences available at CERN but if you wish to install the program, please do so from G:\services\caeprogs\AWR.  The CERN_readme.txt file includes information on licence configuration.

MicroWave Studio Suite CST

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) is a specialist tool for the 3D EM simulation of high frequency components.

CST MWS enables the fast and accurate analysis of high frequency (HF) devices such as antennae, filters, couplers, planar and multi-layer structures and SI and EMC effects.

ModelSim Mentor

ModelSim combines high performance and high capacity with the code coverage and debugging capabilities required to simulate larger blocks and systems. Comprehensive support of Verilog, VHDL, and SystemC provides single and multi-language design verification environments.

Motion Builder Autodesk

Experience a new nonlinear editing paradigm for virtual production that moves beyond video and audio. Autodesk® MotionBuilder® real-time 3D character animation software builds on emerging techniques embraced by some of the entertainment industry’s most successful studios.

Mudbox Autodesk

Autodesk® Mudbox® 3D digital sculpting and digital painting software gives you the freedom to create production-ready 3D digital artwork. Designed for professional artists working in game development, visual effects, post-production, and product design, Mudbox combines an intuitive user interface with a powerful creative toolset of stencils and brushes.

Navisworks Autodesk

Autodesk® Navisworks® project review software products help architecture, engineering, and construction professionals gain control over project outcomes. Integrate, share, and review models and multiformat data with all your project stakeholders.

Nios II Altera

 to build custom soft CPUs in Altera FPGAs

Octave GNU

GNU Octave is a high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It provides capabilities for the numerical solution of linear and nonlinear problems, and for performing other numerical experiments. It also provides extensive graphics capabilities for data visualization and manipulation.

OPERA VectorFields / COBHAM

Opera is a general-purpose finite element software suite for the design and optimization of electromagnetic devices in two or three space dimensions. It is fast, accurate and cost effective. Opera is designed to run on laptop and desktop computers.

PAC-Designer Lattice

PAC-Designer allows design and implementation of customised analogue designs in programmable ispPAC devices

PCB fabrication CERN

There is a PCB manufacturing capability available at CERN. Please see for more information


The PLDA PCI IP Core provides an integrated solution for interfacing applications with 32- and 64-bit PCI peripheral devices. The CERN version targets Altera devices.


Brief Description
The PLDA PCI-X IP Core provides an integrated solution for interfacing applications with 32- and 64-bit PCI peripheral devices. The CERN version targets Altera devices.

PCIe-XpressLite PLDA

The PCIe-XpressLite IP core for Altera FPGAs is one of the PCI Express options offered by PLDA.

Precision RTL Mentor

Precision RTL provides an intuitive logic synthesis environment for vendor-independent FPGA flows.

ProVision JTAG

ProVision is a boundary-scan tool based on the IEEE 1149.x standards. ProVision allows engineers to reach test coverage and in-system programming objectives for complex boards and systems.

PSpice Cadence

PSpice mixed-signal circuit simulator using OrCAD Capture as schematic entry.
PSpice is also available with the Allegro Design Entry (ex Concept) front end - see the Allegro AMS entry for more details.

Quartus II Altera

Quartus II software enables creation and delivery of FPGA, CPLD, and structured ASIC designs. The software supports VHDL and Verilog HDL design entry, graphical-based design entry methods, and integrated system-level design tools. It also integrates design, synthesis, place-and-route, and verification into a seamless environment, including interfaces to third-party EDA tools.

Revit Architecture Autodesk

Autodesk® Revit® software is specifically built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), helping building professionals design, build, and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings.

Saber Synopsys

Saber software simulates physical effects in different engineering domains (hydraulic, electronic, mechanical, thermal, etc.) as well as signal-flow algorithms and software control. It can be used to simulate and analyze systems, sub-systems and components. It also includes "Saber Harness", a tool to produce harness designs.

SEE Electrical Expert IGE-XAO

Fruit de plus de 26 ans d'expérience en schématique électrique et de plus de 2 années de développement sur la nouvelle version, SEE Electrical Expert constitue une véritable révolution dans le monde de la CAO électrique. Cette version est née de l'écoute des besoins exprimés par les clients et a pour objectif d'optimiser la productivité tout en simplifiant l'utilisation.



SEE Electrical Viewer IGE-XAO

Free SEE Viewer.

  • Installation: available via CMF. Read the [HELP] on the CMF page for installation instructions.
  • Licence servers: none
Showcase Autodesk

Communicate your design ideas effectively and facilitate decision making with Autodesk® Showcase® design exploration and 3D presentation software for architects, designers, engineers, and marketing professionals.


Simplorer is a multi-domain, system simulation software for the design of high-performance electromechanical systems commonly found in the automotive, aerospace/defense, and industrial automation industries.

SketchBook Autodesk

Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro sketching software for Windows or Mac computers is a fun and intuitive paint and drawing app, and can transform your computer into an ideal artist’s toolkit. With tools designed for professional artists, illustrators, and designers, the easy-to-use interface can help unlock the artist in everyone.

Softimage Autodesk

Autodesk® Softimage® software is a high-performance 3D character animation and visual effects application.

SPB Cadence

Silicon Package Board is the name given to a Cadence schematic to PCB design flow. Please enter Cadence in the product search to list CERN currently available products.

Synplify Premier Synopsys

A high-performance, logic synthesis engine delivering fast and efficient FPGA and CPLD designs. The Synplify product takes Verilog and VHDL Hardware Description Languages as input and outputs an optimized netlist in most popular FPGA vendor formats.

Synplify PRO Synopsys

A high-performance logic synthesis engine that delivering fast and efficient FPGA and CPLD designs. The Synplify Pro product takes Verilog and VHDL Hardware Description Languages as input and outputs an optimized netlist in most popular FPGA vendor formats.

System Generator for DSP Xilinx

 This is a high-level tool for designing high-performance DSP systems using FPGAs. It allows to:
- Develop highly parallel systems with the industry's most advanced FPGAs
- Provide system modeling and automatic code generation from Simulink and MATLAB (The MathWorks, Inc.)
- Integrate the RTL, embedded, IP, MATLAB and hardware components of a DSP system.

Timing Designer EMA Design Automation

"TimingDesigner® is the interactive timing analysis tool users trust to deliver fast and accurate results for timing critical designs. It can evaluate comprehensive sets of timing alternatives and provide direction to the most complex of timing challenges, enabling designers to manage and monitor timing margins through the design process."

TimingDesigner EMA Design Automation

TimingDesigner is an interactive timing analysis and diagram tool that allows to manage and monitor timing margins throughout the design process.

TPA Ansys

Turbo Package Analyzer (TPA) provides package extraction and automation capability to address the electrical requirements of high-performance SiP, chip-scale, flip-chip, ball-grid array, and wire-bond.

TWiki OS

TWiki is a flexible, powerful, secure, yet simple web-based collaboration platform.


Visual Elite is a design, integration & verification platform which enables designers to capture and validate designs using high-level design techniques and languages.
Users with new designs should consider using Mentor HDL Designer.

Vivado Design Suite Xilinx

The Vivado™ Design Suite offers a new approach for ultra high productivity with next generation C/C++ and IP-based design along with more traditional languages such as VHDL and Verilog.

WaveFormer Pro Synapticad

WaveFormer Pro enables to determine automatically critical paths, verify timing margins, adjust for reconvergent fanout effects, and perform \"what if\" analysis to determine optimum clock speed. WaveFormer Pro also allows to specify and analyze system timing and perform Boolean level simulation without schematics or simulation models.

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