Elec Calc


Elec Calc (previously known as Tr-Ciel) is useful in every aspect of an electric installation, from the early design up to the maintenance, through the production and inspection. Elec Calc is also very much appreciated in technical education.

Elec Calc is a software package that enables the calculation of low voltage electrical installations, following the specifications of the C15-500 guide as well as complying with the various French and international standards (NF C 15-100, RGIE, IEC364, HD 384, CEI 64, ...).

Elec Calc calculates conductors' cross-sections, short-circuit currents, voltage falls and the measurement of sources and protections. It can manage complex and multiple sources for installations of all size, it includes power balance calculation and a help for high voltage electrical networks calculations.

The graphical interface of Elec Calc was specifically and ergonomically designed to deal easily and quickly with any type of installation whatever its complexity.

Elec Calc has a publishing module for the printing and the export of the installation calculation notes under different layouts, and an interface to AutoCAD ® enabling export of installation diagram to DWG drawing format.

Elec Calc's main assets remain in its speed and user-friendliness, its power of calculation, its capacity to simulate and its educational character, enabling to deal in a new way with the variety and the complexity of standards and uses in this domain.

  • Installation: available via CMF. Read the [HELP] on the CMF page for installation instructions.
  • Licence servers: LICTRACESOFT, Port: 1000


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