TWiki Service

TWiki is a Wiki for collaborative Web documentation. In a Wiki, web-pages can be edited directly and thus corrected and updated easlily. TWiki is a wiki implementation for projects and corporate intranets that is hosted centrally at CERN. TWiki is a powerful tool for writing documentation "as you go along". As web pages in TWiki have revision control, there is a full history of editing and it is easy to roll back changes.

TWiki is a flexible, powerful, secure, yet simple to use web-based collaboration platform. The TWiki service at CERN offers a centrally hosted  web application platform for projects, services, the LHC experiments or small working groups.

Use TWiki to :

  • Replace your static web site
  • Share document authoring with colleagues regardless of their location
  • Design and document software projects
  • Create PDF workbooks
  • Track issues and create workflows
  • Create minutes of a meeting
  • Create a blog or discussion board

TWiki features include :

  • Each page contains an edit button (WYSIWYG or formatted text). Just click and edit the content
  • Dynamic creation of  documents
  • Access control to impose read and write restrictions
  • Revision control to keep a full history of the evolution of a topic
  • File attachments - upload images or accompanying files
  • Search engines and email notification on change
  • 100s of enhancements (spreadsheets, calendars, images, charts, slideshows...)
Supported Clients

Supported clients for TWiki are CERN supported web browsers that correctly
implement cookies - as required by the CERN Login (SSO) service. (The application
team tests new TWiki versions with Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera.)

User Responsibilities


  1. Registration: Many TWiki pages are for public viewing. However, to access protected pages and to edit TWiki topics users need to have a CERN account.
  2. Contents: The TWiki user is responsible for the content in web pages (TWiki topics). Topics should be placed in the appropriate 'TWiki web', for example Atlas topics should go in the Atlas web, CMS topics in the CMS web etc. Obsolete TWiki pages or webs should be moved to the “Trash web”.
  3. Access Control: Users should set the appropriate ACLs to their web areas and topics (See TWikiAccessControl)
  4. Documentation: Some FAQs can be found in the Service Now Knowledge base. Further documentation can be found in TWikiDocumentation