AC unit replacement B31 2nd floor

Date range
Building concerned
All (513, 31, 600, 28)

Dear colleagues,

The AC unit located along the main staircase of the 2nd floor in building 31 needs to be replaced.

In order to minimize the disturbance, the work will start early, but it will take most of the morning.

The mobile scaffolding that will be used will hinder the passage. Please be careful and follow the instructions of the technicians.

Occasionally the passage will not be possible, and in order to go from one side of the building to the other we will need to go via the 1st floor. Please do not attempt any maneuver that could put the technicians or yourself in danger.

If you are at the 2nd or 3rd floor and your office is at the Amphitheatre side of the building, or if you are participating to the WLCG meeting, please remember to use the spiral staircase in case of an evacuation.

In case of problem, please avoid any altercation with the technician and contact me (164431).

Thank you for your understanding

Last modified
05 Aug 2020