[B31 refurbishing] Asbestos Removal

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Dear colleagues

The asbestos removal work will start next week. This mail is to give you some details on the safety and security aspects.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or worries about a subject.



The work will last 4 weeks. 2 weeks for the Jura side and 2 for the Saleve side.


A big part of the work consists in preparing the zone for the asbestos removal

  • The removal zone will be made totally airtight and in depression 24/7.
  • A team will be on call 24/7 and a standby generator will be put in place.
  • The current wooden door is not part of this airtight installation. It is to delimit the work area.
  • The entrance/exit to the removal zone will have 5 security lock (sas de securité) and 2 showers.
  • The airtight and depression aspects will be smoke (fumigène) tested.
  • HSE will inspect and validate the airtight zone before the removal work begins.

Air flow:

  • The zone will have controlled air input and output.
  • The air rejected will be to the outside of the building.
  • The air outlet will have “absolute” filter in such a way that the extracted air is clean.

The actual removal:

  • The asbestos is mainly in the glue of the tiles on the floor, and this has a low-emission.
  • The team is composed of specially trained staff with long term contract.
  • They will change and put their protective equipment inside, in such a way that you should not see them wearing their protective equipment. If you do, it would be a clean equipment.
  • Before leaving the removal zone, they will shower (2 times) and change in the security locks.
  • The contaminated waists will be evacuated mainly early morning.
  • The waists will be double wrapped in sealed plastic bags and washed before leaving the zone.


The installation will be done under the French regulation which is stricter than the Swiss one.
And CERN will apply more constraints.
For example at the end of the removal and before opening the hermetic/depression zone CERN requires that no particles be detected. Otherwise, they will ask for extra cleaning.


There will be episodes of noise, but less than this week.

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27 Jun 2022