IT Computing Recycling campaign

Date range
Building concerned
All (513, 31, 600, 28)

Dear Colleagues,

as part of a CERN wide effort, we launch a recuperation/recycling campaign of computing material in IT.

What can I give away?

  • keyboard, desktop, laptop, screen, hard drives, phones, mobiles, printers, TV, cables, camera.
  • In working condition or not.

Where to bring them?

  • You can bring your items in 31/1-012

How to proceed?

  1. For inventoried items (such a laptop, desktop, screen, projectors), please fill the excel in this page:
    One line per item with:
    - You name
    - What you deposit
    - The Item’s  Serial number if you can identify it
    - The Item’s order Number if you know it (some times it is on a label on the device)
  2. Bring you item in 31/1-012, where you will also find stickers
  3. Fill and stick one sticker on each inventoried items (such a laptop, desktop, screen, projectors) with:
    - You name
    - What you deposit
    - is it in working condition or not
    - does it contain a disk that needs to be cleaned or not

Is there a deadline?

  • Please bring your items to 31/1-012 by Friday October the 1st

Can I take something from that room?

  • If you see something that you want to reuse for professional purpose, please contact me before taking it out.

Can I bring my old PC from home?

  • Please bring any personal material at home that you would like to dispose of to your local "dechéterie" in the respective countries of residence. This campaign is for CERN materiel only.

I have non electronics to dispose of. Can I being that as well?

  • Not in 31/1-012 . Keep it in your office, identify it and inform Arash.
  • We will deal with that in the Tidy Up Week in October.

Other questions?

  • Contact Arash. I am onsite on Thursdays and Fridays. Otherwise zoom/cernphone/mattermost.

Thank you.

Last modified
20 Sep 2021