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Dear colleagues,

A few tests will be carried out on the power distribution for building 513 on Thursday 26th August from 16.00 until 16.10. All installation which is not backed up by a UPS (computing facilities) or embedded battery will be cut abruptly during the tests. It is therefore recommended to switch off any equipment that may suffer hardware damages during these tests.

For any electrical problem in your office following the electrical test ONLY, please give please get in touch with TI control 7 22 01 who will then get contact EN-EL for follow up.

Best regards,


Chers collègues,

Plusieurs tests auront lieu sur la distribution électrique des bâtiments 513 ce jeudi 26 avril entre 16h et 16h10. Tout équipement non secourus par UPS (centre de calcul) ou batterie dédiée sera coupé brutalement pendant ces tests. Il est donc recommandé d'arrêter toute installation qui pourrait être endommagée pendant ces tests.


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26 Aug 2021