refurbishing work of part of 2nd floor of b31

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Dear Colleagues,

the refurbishing work of part of 2nd floor of b31 will start on 20-06-2022 and will last until the end of the year. The aim is to finish before the end of the year closure.

During that time the access to the zone indicated in orange in the attached image "Zone travaux" will not be possible.
This means also unfortunately no access to the restrooms and no access to the water fountain on the 2nd floor.
The lift, main stairs and other evacuation path of the building will remain unaffected.

Relocation during that time:
- the DH office (Enrica) and its secretariat (Silke) will move to 600-r-012 and 014 respectively (tbc)
- the IT Secretariat (Florence, Loic) and Nathalie will move to 31-s-023
- the DPO (Joelma, Valentina, Gianni, Christian) will move to 600-r-001
- Maite will move to 31-s-027
- the stationaries will move to 31-2-029 (tbc)

The 600-r-002 meeting room will remain available.
The 31-s-028 meeting room will be partly unavailable for maintenance unrelated to this refurbishment. More details will come.

The timeline:
1) 20-06 closure of the work area, inside and outside
2) 20-06 to 01-07 dismantling work
3) 04-07 to 05-08 asbestos removal
4) after 08-08 reconstruction

During this time, especially phase 2 and 3, some intermittent noise will disturb the occupants of B31 (hammering, sawing, rubble evacuation etc). We have asked to be informed as much as possible of particular noisy periods in advance (drilling, jackhammering) so that we can hopefully be able to make arrangements (teleworking or else). But as you can imagine with the number of worker teams on site this will not be 100%.

The asbestos removal will be done following all the safety rules, by confining the work area and making it hermetic, in such a way that the building will be safe for the rest of us outside of the orange zone. The removal work will only start after a security visit of HSE who will only give its  green light if all the area is correctly sealed. The persons performing the removal will work in full protective equipment. Usually, they change in an airlock. But if you happen to see a person in full protective equipment in the corridor it would be a person entering the zone so with new and non contaminated dress. They will never exist the zone with their protective equipment.

Please do not enter the work area marked in the attached map.
The worker teams will circulate in the corridor of the second floor, the corridor of the basement and may use the elevator, sometimes with material, tools or trolley. Please be careful.

Thank you for your patience during this period and sorry for the disturbance.

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19 May 2022