Scheduled power cut

Date range
Building concerned
All (513, 31, 600, 28)

Dear colleagues,

The CERN-wide yearly diesel test will take place this Thursday 30th July in the morning. The power will be cut from 6.00AM until 6.10AM approximately and any equipment that is not powered by an alternative power source (UPS, battery) will be cut abruptly. Note that all services hosted in the Data Centre Facilities should not be affected, being on UPS coverage. Equipment in the LHCb modules will not be affected by this test either.

For any electrical problem in your office following the electrical test ONLY, please give me a call 16 35 38 before noon. After this time please get in touch with TI control 7 22 01 who will then get contact EN-EL for follow up.

It is usually recommended to switch off any electrical device before the test to prevent unexpected hardware failures. If you are working remotely and that the equipment in your office needs to be rebooted, please check with colleagues that might be on site.

Best regards


Last modified
10 Aug 2020