IT Technical Users Meeting (ITUM)


This meeting provides a technical update on IT department services, including ‘heads-up’ information on future plans. It is aimed at technical experts within CERN's Experiments and User Communities. The meeting goals are to:

  • exchange technical information on IT department services and plans
  • understand the impact on users for planned service changes and trends
  • document feedback on topics addressed by the meetings

This is not a decision-making meeting however feedback raised, either at the meeting or directly to the meeting Chair, is passed to IT Management. Where relevant, follow-up discussions will be organised on specific topics, either using existing meeting structures or on an ad-hoc basis. 

Meeting Link

The web site for this meeting series is in Indico IT Technical Users Meeting (ITUM)



Attendance is expected to change according to the agenda topics of each meeting with a core membership attending all/most meetings. The core members from outside IT Department assure the relevant attendance and information flow for their communities. IT Department Group Leaders assure the relevant attendance for their Groups. 


Xavier Espinal


Dan van der Ster


Frequency / format

Normally 3 meetings per year (adapted to needs)

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