Reimbursement formalities

EDUCATION FEES (for school year 2016-2017)


Here are the forms to fill out:


Some important things to remember:

  • Receipts / proofs of payment must be attached to each invoice
  • Only three claims per year and per child are allowed. Try to keep a few invoices together before submitting a request.
  • You only have till the end of the following school year to request a reimbursement


The full procedure can be found in the admin e-guide


EDUCATION FEES (from the 2017-2018 school year onwards)


Fill in the Education Fees claim in EDH and attach the substantiating documents (in pdf format).

The full procedure can be found in the admin e-guide






Regarding requests of reimbursement of expenses for lecturers, the rules for Official travels apply.

In any case, all requests must be justified by an invitation letter (or equivalent) and approved by the Head of Department.


Please see the procedure about People registered as External for full details.





Sundry expenses can only be reimbursed if they have been incurred for the needs of the department and with the approval of the Group Leader and cannot be made by the Procurement Service or by another relevant service . In practice, this applies to small items of equipment or supplies which the Procurement Service has previously recommended should be purchased by the member of the personnel (restrictions do apply).

You need to provide the secretariat with all your receipts and proofs of payment in order to be reimbursed.

Please see the procedure in the admin eGuide for full details.

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